Arrange for basement waterproofing services in Owensboro, Henderson or Masonville, KY

Basements that let moisture in are at risk for growing mold and mildew. But we have a solution for you. Drainage Solutions provides basement waterproofing services for those in Whitesville, Henderson, Masonville and Owensboro, KY. Once we assess the condition of your basement and foundation, we'll create a plan of action. Then, we'll give you a comprehensive free estimate and explain how we can help. You can expect your basement to be moisture-free without a problem.

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See how we'll waterproof your space

There are several different waterproofing services that can help protect your basement. Based on your situation, we'll use one of these techniques:

  • Applying epoxy injections to basement walls
  • Installing an interior drainage system
  • Coating the exterior foundation walls with polymers and membranes

You can trust we'll keep you informed throughout the entire process. Learn more about our basement waterproofing services by getting in touch with us now.